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. >> harper lee's first and only novel. >> a masterpiece is masterpieces not because they're flawless but because they tap into something essential to us, at the heart of who we are and how -- >> a masterpiece and a mystery. >> of course, one kept hoping and waiting for the next novel. sadly, that never came. >> i cannot imagine what drove harper to silence. >> thank you. i prefer to pass. >> what did you say? >> well, i have nothing relevant to say concerning the case. however, when i have something relevant to say i shall raise my hand. >> stepped on you. >> serious doubt about your becoming a mother. [laughter] >> you are a son of a bitch. >> scout, that's the most intelligent thing you have said today. now, take your seat. >> the greatest counterculture lawyer of all-time. his trials have garnered him acclaim as one of the greatest criminal defense lawyers of all century. he's the white tornado in court, the semantic samurai, a shaman, a trickster by others, "lush for justice "by tony serra is a no holds bar description of a man, his belief and the legal system he serves and trans
where the best players in the minor leagues go toe to toe with the usa versus the world and bryce harper, a member of team usa, bottom 3, harper first pitch swinging, he went 0- 4 with two strikeouts at the plate. bottom of the 6th team usa leads by one. the world team slaps a base hit. harper tries to score, but his throw off line allowing a runner to score. harper and the u.s. team defeat the world 6-4. >>> the orioles and red sox top of the 5th. the o's trail 7-6. sox itch abouter kyle i wouldland making his -- socks pitcher kyle wieland making his major league debut. move to the bottom of the 6th, mike gonzalez facing david ortiz and oh oh, that pitch is behind ortiz. so foster ejects gonzalez as well as both managers. tempers flared all weekend between these two. o's fall to the red sox 8-6 and finish a miserable road trip at 1-9. >>> abby wambach and the u.s. women with a lesson how to use your head at the world cup, highlights coming up next. beth! hi. looking good! you've lost some weight. thanks! you noticed! you know these clothes are too big now, so i'm donating them. not goin
it difficult for people to miss. >> another controversy surrounding national's top prospect bryce harper. >>> the redskins may have found a dance partner for the donovan a dance partner for the donovan mcnabb trade. empty nest, new kitchen, new us? who are we? chic, modern, daring dinner-party hosts. that sounds dangerous, maybe we're more the tradiotional sunday brunch set? i'll expect slippers and a cocktail to be ready when i get home from work. point taken. how about... peaceful, quiet cottage in the country folk? now that's us. save up to 20% on every kitchen style, now until august 21st at ikea, the life improvement store. >>> the deadline for congress to increase the debt ceiling is a week away, and there is no deal in site. there were dualing speeches between president obama and speaker boehner last night. now lawmakers are choosing sides, neither side appears ready to move. if congress can't come to an agreement, the u.s. could default on bonds next tuesday. >>> redskins fans are ready to forgive and forget after the month's long nfl lockout. people we talked to today say they'r
celebrations along the east coast. >>> and in sports, price harper on the move. honey, why aren't you playing with your friends? i am playing with my friends. hey, mrs. d... joseph? sarah! it's mommy's turn now. let's go. [ male announcer ] the average home has over four internet-connected devices. we were gonna storm the castle. i love your hair. [ sarah ] thanks i went to your guy. it's perfect. i thought we were storming the castle. [ male announcer ] that's why you need the internet rated #1 for supporting multiple users and devices simultaneously. verizon fios. a network ahead. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-tty/v. >>> lindsay wouldn't tell us what we were going to talk about. >> you lied. i told you we were going to talk about bryce harper. >> usually you don't. lindsay is going to tell us now about bryce harper because that's what she said she's going to do. >> this is not as significant s as -- bryce harper will be eventually promoted to the majors. he took a closer step to being dumped to aa when he made his debut. two singles, a walk and a run sc
to capture harpers ferry, the garrison at harpers ferry which was 12,000 men in the good deal of our abundance. and so this was in frederick. and on september 9th he writes out orders to divide up his army into four segments. stonewall jackson was going to go to the west. he sent these out what carriers to all the generals involved. copy that went to stonewall jackson, jackson read it in a county that yet again d.h. hill. one of the carriers was also taking the same messes to dhl and, of course, it never arrived. it was dropped in a clover field south of fredericksburg. and we don't know why this happened or how it could have been presented or at least discovered because the curtain was superb -- courier was supposed to deliver the envelope in which the message came with the signature. when back to the headquarters my own theory is that it was a careless career and he discovered he had lost it. it went to the headquarters and asked around. yes, we have the orders. he felt much relieved. went back to headquarters, no one seems to have pursued the case of getting the proof of delivery.
. and ms. harper lee hasn't given an interview since 1964, it not be the person who would change her mind. so when i started doing my own documentary, which is about -- i started it about six years ago, i read the novel again, i did a little more reporting, especially about, you know, the summer of 1960 when the novel was published. and i began to see the story i could tell was the story of the novel. not so much the novelist. and the credible impact that the novel had on the civil rights movement, on lives, on careers and on readers to this very day. so that to me seemed to be the story worth telling and that's when i started working on the documentary. >> and sort of tell us how did you arrive at your understanding of the impact that the book has had, particularly on race relations and, you know, the -- so many people cite the book as a reason why they went to law school. why do you think that's true, particularly in light of the fact that atticus lost the case? >> well, i mean, it is true that in the research i've done many people did say that atticus finch is the reason that they went
segments, stonewall jackson and those that completely surround "harper's" ferry and sent those out by a courier to all generals involved. the copy that went to stonewall jackson he read it and copied it again who had been under his orders. one of the careers also was taking the same message and of course, it never arrived and we don't know why this have been your how it could have been prevented because of a career was supposed to develop-- deliver the envelope but the signature buyback to the headquarters but it did not go. my own theory is he discovered he lost it, went to headquarters to ask around. he felt much relieved presumably and nobody seems to get proof of delivery. and the indiana and regimented and found this envelope and read the message in he was smart enough to realize all the names and places this is important so kick did upstairs through the regimented and went to a brigade then skipped a few levels because each person sought it and went of through headquarters and from there general williams was in charge sent a note to general maclaren saying it looks to tempore
. >> and the church provided like-minded god-fearing friends. one of those couples was scotty and page harper. almost a mirror image of thad and michelle in so many ways. scotty on thad. >> he was a good guy. >> like thad and michelle, they lived next door to his parents. like thad, scotty was deeply religious and also a church volunteer leader. he was the volunteer family pastor, giving his time to tend to the young people of hollywood baptist. and scotty and page had their own three small children. also all girls. >> our children were like best friends. we would go out to eat with them. go to a movie. >> barbecues, volleyball, camping trips, prayer groups. thad and michelle, scotty and page and all the kids together. the husbands who had first met when thad was divorced became especially fast friends. the bible and scriptures, their glue. thad thought so highly of scotty, he praised him in front of the congregation. >> our family pastor, official title scotty harper has taught the people under him and the kids that we need to teach them the things are relevant to them t
harper, you know how good he is. he's had growing pains since make the jump from low a-ball and this afternoon in bowie, no growing pains. the old harper was back. and with the first double-a home run of the season. a solo shot to right center. the 15th homer of the year, and part of the three to four day at the plate. harper -- .250 for the senators. that is wrapping it up from here in ashburn. jason will join us and we'll go over what the trades and acquisitions mean and if they're good. a lot of people are saying the washington redskins have not made enough moves. we'll do that and jason will join me and lindsay muffy tonight at 10 and 11. live from ashburn, virginia, brian, back to you. >> and we'll see you guys then. now you have the news edge. the news is all on we're back here at 10. the news edge at 11. as all, see you then.  so, what are we going to do with this? i don't know. the usual? [ blower whirring ] sometimes it pays to switch things up. my - what, my hair? no. car insurance. i switched to progressive and they gave me discount
that would have taken them from harper's ferry to georgetown. >>> is the threat of a thunderstorm all gone? annie is here with the forecast. how is it looking? >> the severe threat is gone. we have light showers and scattered activity just west of dc out towards warrenton and just south of interstate 66. let's zoom on in and show you where the showers are taking in. also just around reston we're seeing light shower activity. i'm not expecting anything really severe at all overnight. but we did see some pretty good storms south of us basically in the richmond area but we didn't see no severe warnings issued despite the severe thunderstorm watch in effect. so what are we expecting for the rest of the night? mostly cloudy and mild. scattered showers and rain possible. isolated thunderstorm possible. not severe. lows will be 66-74 degrees. tomorrow lots of us are heading back to work. we need a special grab the umbrella and your sunglasses just in case. by 7:00 it will be mild. 60s and 70s. by 9:00 looking great with more sunshine but a chance for some storms isolated tomorrow. we'll talk abou
common sense. a man who tried to the person he stole it from. corey harper works at a video ggme store. he says matthew reive showee up a few weeks agoo with harppr's harper says: "as soon as i saw the faceplate...i was like, that's mine." mine."harper says: "kiddjust sttrted balling. he just started crying. he couldn't believe the position e was and worried he was going to go to jail. but, i totally believe heedid it." it." the guys in the store kept reive busy....until the cops cculd get there.....and charge him with burglary. &p3 common ssnse says... if you're riding a motorcyle, you probably shouldn't ave too much skin exposed.jacob southard---lacks common sense.... and a lot of clothes. it began s a sort-of dare in st. charles, issouri, and lot of attention along the way. people taking pictures, nd mostll case yyu're wwnnering, southard describes his get-up as a "lime green borat mankini.. vytas---to vytas----- 3...let's check in with chief meteorologist vytas reed... 3 what he thought was innthe .. - car... thaa kept him hanginn on.... the nnl loc
to buzz over bryce harper. the nats play a weekend series in richmond. the washington kastles playing for an undefeated season and the nfl owners and players still searching for common ground on at the sleep number store, we have customers come in, "this hurts, that hurts." my back hurts, my neck hurts. my hip hurts. one of the brilliant things is that this bed can change with your body. if i'm in pain one day or i feel differently from day to day, i can change it with the snap of a finger. it's really molding to my body. every day i see people relieve their back pain on this bed. discover the amazing sleep number bed and get great savings during the final days of our summer closeout. only through july 24th and only at the sleep number store. >>> nbc news has learned that democratic leaders from the house and senate were called to the white house for a meeting that started within the hour. the late development adds to a day of speculation that a debt limit deal might be within grasp. steve handelsman reports. >> reporter: squeezed by the tea party on his right and by moderates on his
? >> serena williams giving back to kids on the tennis court. bryce harper off to a good start. and the nats have a in that case for winning close ball games. another >>> a construction project at a soccer stadium in the netherlands turned for the worse today when the roof partially collapsed and one person was killed. at least 12 other workers were injured and taken to the hospital. construction was under way to add more seating to the arena. rescuers are using dogs and small cameras to search the wreckage for missing people. the exact cause of the collapse is still under investigation. >>> a british newspaper at the center of a major scandal is shutting down. the "news of the world" is accused of hacking into the cell phone messages of grieving families. members of the royal family and politicians. then after advertisers pulled out, the company announced that the 68-year-old newspaper will print its last edition on sunday. nbc's mike taibbi reports from london. >> reporter: this was a result, the closing of this newspaper, this 168--year-old newspaper on sunday, that few people saw coming,
would burn me in that four-miler. i'll tell you who is burning it up in baseball. bryce harper. struggled a bit in aa, but is really heating up. we're out here at redskins' park, so we'll be talking football, redskins adding some depth in a certain position, ask depth in a certain position, ask a that's amazing. you know what else is amazing? how easy it is to save money on motorcycle, boate with geico. >>> so dan, are they still wheeling and dealing out there, even as we speak? >> oh, yeah, jim. they have made five or six moves today. i would be surprised if we didn't see five or six tomorrow and five or six after that. it's going to be complete roster turnover for the redskins. as i'm sure everybody heard by now, donovan mcnabb will be heading to the land of 10,000 lakes. they have a deal in place with the minnesota vikings for a pair of sixth round picks, one of those will be conditional, based on donovan's performance this season. assuming the trade goes through. because the sticking point, the final holdup for this thing is his contract. the vikings want donovan to rework
harper's ferry. he went it out courier to all of the generals involved. the copy that went to stonewall jackson, he read it and copied it again for dh hill, that had been under his ordered. one of the couriers was also taking the same message to dhl. and, of course, it never arrived. and it was dropped in a clover field south of frederick. and when we don't know why it happened or how it could have been prevented. because the curious was supposed to deliver the envelope with the significant and went back to the headquarters. but it did not go. my own theory is that it was careless courier and he discovered he lost it, went to dh headquarters and said, oh yes. he felt relieved. and went back to headquarters. nobody seems to have pursued the case of getting the proof of delivery. in any case, on the 14th, the indiana regimen were in the field and they found the envelope, picked it up, read the message, and it also had three cigars with it. he was smart enough to realize, since he recognized all of the names and places, that this was pretty important. he kicked it upstairs. went to the reg
you, too, kyra. harper seven. what do you think of that name? harper seven. >> harper seven? >> that's the baby girl's name. >> when you know the meaning of seven, you think it's pretty cool. >> yeah, right. david beckham put out this statement. he said this, kyra. i'm so proud, so excited to announce the birth of our daughter, harper seven beckham. she weighed 7 pounds, 10 ounces and arrived at 7:55 this morning here in l.a. victoria is doing really well and her brothers are delighted to have a baby sister. i was looking at a lot of the reaction online. and there was one i really liked, kyra. someone said harper seven, it sounds like half past seven, right? >> when was she born? >> born july 7th at 7:55. it was just past half a 7:00. someone said why didn't they call her after eight? >> what was his number? i thought he was number seven. >> yeah. well, the number is significant because david beckham's football jersey from manchester united and for england, he wears the number seven. >> there we go. >> that's what people are saying, right? that that's why. it's lucky seven, too. who
. >> and this is -- . >> the president! is flying by. the nationals speaking and back in action, taking on the cubs tonight. bryce harper promoted and is in double-a baseball and is expected to stay there the rest of the season. last night, the 18-year-old taking the first time to the field in double a. and in the first at-bat and in this if the pep. the second attack, lifts the lazy flyo ball and harper goes 2 for 3 and today, received the news that he will spend the rest of the season in double-a ball. >> i am comfortable here and i feel good and i really need to learn some stuff in left fold and the outfeel and i am excited. >> if he does something, we'll show it to you. >>> and tiger woods announced on his website he will not play in next week's british open and tiger woods won't play in the finish. back to you. >> and now you have the news edge. back here at 10. the news edge at 11. as always.  s
of their imprints. -- cyphers and symbols of their imprints. one side is just american. we have -- and harper's to show once again -- we have doubleday and harper's to show once again, america is taking its place. >> it is a lot to take in, color and images and write-ins from all sides. but there is one figure in the great hall that stands out. >> minerva presides over the whole jefferson building. she is also the guardian of civilization. she is the goddess of learning and wisdom. she is the patroness of the applied arts, work and labour, also of the fine arts, the performing arts. you know, there's not much left. i think that is why the founding offers -- founding fathers liked her a lot. as you see her in this mosaic that is at the top of the stairs leading to the public big visitors' gallery, from there she overlooks the great hall and stands guard in front of the reading room. and behind her, the sunlight is breaking through the crowd -- the clouds. in his the sunlight of prosperity. because that is one of the other things that she is doing her job well and the nation is prosperous, then
out around harper's ferry. another batch forms and did some damage down in st. mary's county. there it another batch trying to fire up because of all the humidity that we have. there is still some iran lexington park and if you are around baltimore. the other story is the heat. our high temperature today was 97 degrees. before the weekend is out, we will pack on about five or six degrees. dew points still well into the 70's. we are under an excessive heat advisory. that is for thursday and probably friday, saturday, and sunday. i am afraid we will be a feeling like it is 110 degrees or higher. i will join you in a few minutes with the details. >> 110, that is just brutal. we are monitoring the impact with the heat on the way and what impact it'll have on our region. >>> a showdown in a prince william county community led a man to openly admit that he shot at a neighborhood dogs. this happened in woodbridge. we spoke with the accused gunman. >> the 59-year-old man said he did to protect neighborhood children and some kittens. he admits firing the gun but says he intentionally
. 6300 fans were there tonight. top of 5, bryce harper facing a former o's starter. the first of two doubles for harper tonight. he would score three batters later. bryce also playing some defense. check this out in the outfield. he was a catcher. he's now an outfielder. makes the catch against the wall, stumbles and throws it all the way to first base. not a smart play. it gets away from the first baseman. but no worries in the end. harrisburg beats buoy 13-2. the manager said it was nice because bryce takes a beating everywhere he goes but a hometown crowd tonight. hometown crowd tonight. >>> the gas prices are going down, they go back up again. we know saving money is important. this summer, shop with your giant card and save on shell fuel. earn one point for every dollar you spend. every 100 points earned gets you another 10 cents off per gallon. the more you spend, the more you save. i'm saving money at the store, i'm saving money at the pump, and that works for me. more savings every time you shop, only with your giant card. >>> police in loudoun county released surveillance vi
. the nationals lose 7-5 and are five games under .500. >>> bryce harper taking on buoy. harper at the plate. and he says take this breaking ball out of the park. his first home run on the aa level and he's playing much better. he went 3 for 4 batting .345 in the last seven. and the o's lose to the blue jays 3-5. >> thanks, dan. >>> up next a cer >>> ceremonies were held today to mark the closing of walter reed army medical center. the current location has been open for more than 100 years. the colors were retired today and the new colors were unveiled. walter reed shuts its doors on 1e79 15th -- september 15th. >>> three bald eagles released into the wild in central virginia. they were five weeks old when their mother was killed with an accident with an airplane. after the accident they were moved to a wildlife center. the crowd of 1500 people cheered the crowd [ man ] i gote cheered this new citi thankyou card and started earning loads of points. you got a weather balloon with points? yes i did. [ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ ♪ there it is. [ man ] so i used mine
at the warning track. nats rally losing 7-5. >>> harper has had some growing pains since making the jump from double a ball. but he made a solo shot to right center, the 15th of a year, part of a 3 for 4 day at the plate and harper is batting 250 for the senators. >>> this continues to be the year of the pitcher in the big leagues. today, the angels irvin santana threw the third no-hitter of the season cutting down the cleveland indians. he was facing a team he was 0-6 against in 10 previous career starts. >>> last but not least, the orioles are shut out by the blue jays 3-0. that's all for sports. the news edge will be right back.  >> taking the edge off with a mystery reveal. the people in southwest pennsylvania reported seeing an unidentified flying object crash land this morning. police say that ufo is actually a remote
watchers are buzzing about david and victoria beckham's new baby, harper seven beckham. friends say victoria has always liked the name harper, and seven is for the baby being born just after 7:00 a.m. in the seventh month. others are speculating the couple got the name off a classic "seinfeld" episode where george castanza is ridiculed after what he comes up with what he says is the perfect baby name as in seven. >> harper is very cute. hope they never see the creepy brad pitt movie "seven." >> that didn't do well, either. >>> see you next at 6:00 for the local news.
is for you folks around charles town and into harper's ferry. there are the clouds. most likely they will be to our south. tomorrow more popping up. tomorrow, 92 degrees around fredericksburg now. again fredericksburg, spotsylvania at 8:00 or 9:00 there could be some thunderstorms in your area. for those on the mall, they could be seeing some tiny flashes to the south. -- lightning flashes to the south. our average high tomorrow, 88 degrees. as we get more moisture back, wednesday and thursday afternoon, we could be seeing another batch of thunderstorms. right now, we are ready for the four day week. i'm pretty confident anything nasty will stay to the south of the mall. >>> thank you. here is a look at what is coming up on abc part-time -- prime time. a two-hour batch the red. at 10:00 p.m., 8 250 pound football player get help and coaching from two cowboy -- dallas cowboys. >> coming up at 5:00 p.m., a car bomb goes off as the bomb squad checked it out. the amazing outcome of this explosion. >> it is not just to celebrate our independence. [ female announcer ] keurig brews
. >>> thanks. 5:21. 70 degrees. >>> bryce harper makes his a.a. debut. can he live up to the high. >> 13 years ago police found a little girl living in a dog cage. that's at 4:00 on "oprah." >>> remember year ago and we tracked every move that stephen strasburg made? but now it is time to do it all over again with bryce harper. the nationals promoted harper to aa harrisburg. in his first at-bat, singles. 2-3 with a walk. don't get too excited. irzzorizzo said the plan is to let him finish up the season and had to arizona. >>> the orioles. it's a 2-1 shot. the rangers win 13-4. that is a look at morning sports. have a great day. >>> 5:25. 70 degrees. the news continues with "good morning washington" at 5:30. >> take the out to the crowd. how the first lady is paying tribute to military families. >> holiday celebrations on the water turned into a dangerous day. >> a weak fronta,ll >>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington." on your side. >>> you would not think of these waters as being dangerous. >> trees on houses, power lines down. >> two big stories. danger of the water and mother
in sports, the nationals bryce harper gets a 4th of july promotion, and jayson werth makes up for his mistakes. joey chestnut shows why he's the best competitive eater around as news4 at 6:00 continues. i'm laura, and this is my cvs. i just transferred a prescription to cvs because they have care 1on1. it's where the pharmacist stops and talks to me about safety and saving money with generic prescriptions. laura, let's talk about possible side effects. it's all about me. love that. get care 1on1 and talk savings, safety, and side effects when you transfer or fill a new, ongoing prescription. i'm laura, and this is my cvs. it's all mine. >>> a young boy drowned today in annapolis, maryland. it happened in about four feet of water, we're told. authorities say the child was not wearing a life vest. >>> in arlington, residents cleaning up after last night's storms. heavy rain and wind brought down trees and power lines across the area. dominion power still has more than 3,000 customers without power in northern virginia. they expect to have everything back up and running by tomorrow morni
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 255 (some duplicates have been removed)